A Memorable Day in My Life Essay

A Memorable Day in My Life Essay: This essay on ‘A Memorable Day in My Life’ will be helpful for school kids to improve their ability to write a composition in English. So, why late? Let’s start writing.

Recollection of the past is always pleasant. It is sweet and soul. sustaining.

The most memorable day in my life is the one on which my mother took me to my primary school. I was then seven years old.

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When we entered school, everyone was looking at us. I can still remember the incident clearly.

My mother took me to the Head -master’s room: The Headmaster asked me a few questions. I answered them correctly. Then he granted me admission.

After that my mother came home leaving me there. I was afraid and calm for the whole day at school. My classmates played with me during the tiffin period.

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Mukul, the first boy in the class, became my friend. Then at 3:30 pm, I returned home. I was very excited that day and had been eager to go to school the next day.

Still today all the incidents are so vivid, that it seems all had happened just yesterday. I will never forget the day in my life.

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