Appropriate preposition for wbcs ssc Primary Tet 2020-21

For correct sentence construction you need to be a master of that language. And it is impossible for us to be like that though that language is our mother tongue. Am I right ? So, what to do then ? No, no. Don’t be tensed or worried at all. I tell you the secret. The secret lies in your sincerity. Yes, it’s your sincerity and carefulness that makes you master over your language. Here is a list of A to Z most appropriate prepositions which very important from the perspective of upcoming exams of West Bengal Civil Service 2020, West Bengal School Service Commission 2020 and West Bengal Primary Tet 2020 and Madhyamik Pariksha 2020-2021. Try to memorize them all by reading again and again.

Abide by

We should abide by the rules of traffic 

Abound in/with

India abounds in / with rich culture.

Absent from

She was absent from her class.

Absorbed in 

Rina was absorbed in her work.

Abstain from

We should abstain from insulting others.

Acceptable to

His proposal was acceptable to all.

Access to

You need a password to access to my laptop.

Accommodate with

You tried to accommodate me with your palace.

Accommodate to

Everyone needs time to accommodate to new environment.

Accompanied at/on

He was accompanied on the piano by his sister.

Accompanied by

We were accompanied by a guide on our tour.

Account for 

You must account for your mistake.

Accountable for

We will not be accountable for any error.

Accountable to

We are accountable to our parents.

Accuse of

The chairman was accused of misconduct.

Accustom to

We are not accustomed to such habits.

Acquainted with

I am well acquainted with her father.

Adapt from

This story is adapted from a novel.

Adapt for

Many short stories of Rabindranath Tagore are adapted for movie.

Adapt to

Everyone should adapt to the new system.

Add to

Salt is added to the curry.

Addicted to

You are addicted to mobile games.

Adequate for

The books are adequate for reading.

Adhere to

Please adhere to your routine.

Adjacent to

Our house is adjacent to a pond.

Admit to / into

Boys under 18 were admitted into the club.

He was admitted to a school.

Advantage of

She had the advantage of having riches.

Advantage over

His fluency in English gave him an advantage over others.

Advantageous to

The scheme is advantageous to me.

Affection for

His affection for his sister is admirable.

Afraid of

I am not afraid of snakes.

Agree on

She agreed on our date.

Agree to

We agreed to their request.

Agree with

I agree with you.

Agreeable to

The contract was not agreeable to us.

Alien to

When I first went to Kolkata everything was alien to me.

Alienate from

We were alienated from others during the flood.

Allergic to

My sister is allergic to dust.

Alliance with

We always try to maintain an alliance with you.

Allot to

The money was allotted to the poor.

Aloof from

We should stay aloof from bad habits.

Alternative to

It is not an alternative to your company.

Amazed at

We were amazed at your presence on the beach.

Ambition of

I have an ambition of being a pilot.

Ambitious for

She is ambitious for her son.

Amount to

His followers are said to amount to one crore.

Amused at / by

They were all amused at / by my kid’s act.

Angry about (cause) at over(something)

He was angry about her conduct.

He was angry at the noise they made.

Angry with / at somebody

Please do not be angry with me.

Angry About /  for something

He was angry for her misconduct.

Annoyed at / about

I was annoyed at his behaviour.

Annoyed with

I was annoyed with you.

Answer for

She answered for you.

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