Benefits of Early Rising

Benefits of early rising

Benefits of Early Rising: Early rising is essential for our good health. The essay on the benefits of early rising in English is a crucial topic for academic lessons in English. Here is a copy of this writing composition in English. I have given here both essay and paragraph for your convenience.

Early rising is a very good habit. A man should cultivate this habit from his childhood. It is useful in many ways. An early riser can have much time in his hand. So, he is never in a hurry. He can have sufficient time to discharge his duties quite efficiently.

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He can plan his all-day work properly and perform them accordingly. Time keeps him as he keeps time. Besides, an early riser can enjoy the fresh and natural air in the morning. He can have sufficient time to do some exercises that keep his body and mind healthy.

An early riser can enjoy the beauty of nature. The chirping of birds and cold and fresh breeze soothes his mind. While a late riser never gets the opportunity to enjoy it.

An early riser is always on time. On the contrary, a late riser can never be punctual and dedicated to his duties. An early riser may use his time properly and competently.

The English proverb is rightly said :

Early to bed and early to rise,

Makes a make healthy, wealthy, and wise.


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