Develop Personality at home with these 7 Steps.

Who does not want to possess a well dignified personality in this world. But to have that one is not so easy as changing your dresses. For this one needs dedication and sincerity to follow a plan and disciplined routine. And though a plan and routine is made to follow, to act on that routine for a stipulated longer time is not quite easy for all. Then how is it possible? Here are the 7 new  and innovative modern tricks to change your personality gradually in just 7 months. Follow the 7 tricks or steps at home , ( without knowing others )one by one in each of the seven months when you decide to discover your new self.

Develop Personality in 7 steps
Be the one…

FOLLOW THE STEPS : Try to follow and execute one step in a month. This will strengthen your skill of of execution.

STEP 1 : 

Neat & Clean :- Try to be neat and clean always and wear your favourite dresses all the time especially when you are out of your room. It is not necessary to wear a new dress always but a clean and suitable dress is alway a mandatory. Wash your face, hands and off course, your legs at least 5 times a day.. Try to brush your teeth twice a day.

Wash to keep you fresh and fit.

STEP 2 : 

Praising / Give complement: Praising or giving a compliment is not very easy as you think. Yes, everyone knows to praise but when to praise they don’t. So, when you find something good at your friends’ behaviour, or may be on his / her dress, or shoes or his / her way of speaking or walking, do not hesitate to praise him / her. And each and everyone of us loves to hear compliments. So, admire him / her. This also makes your relationship stronger and intimate.

STEP 3 : 

DO NOT CRITICIZE OTHERS : No one likes to be humiliated by criticism. Think of yourself. Do you ? No one is perfect. So do not look at others’ faults or weaknesses. Do not criticize others not even in their absence or back. It never helps you to be calm and happy. And we need to be calm and happy. But when you criticise others your mind becomes unrest and possessive. So, give up this habit if you have. This must be followed in the next month or 2nd month.

STEP 3 : 

Do not waste time / money: There is a proverb that Time and tides wait for none. So, try to utilise your time. After getting up in the morning try to keep a routine for the whole day  and keep a to do list for the very day and the next one. This will give you enough time to plan your days’ work and complete them on time. And who does not want to have lots of money ? Just work on your way to goal, focus your target and give your 100 % effort, not 99.99 %. Success with money must come to you .(though success and money are two different things to each and everyone.)

STEP 4 :

Play when you play / avoid negatives : We often do not do the right things at the right time. If You do so, change your habit. Just follow the proverb “play when play and read when you read’ . And remember, everything on this earth is done by a human being like you. It is not only you who fail in some certain type of work. each and everyone has failed in life. And then they achieve the success. So do not be upset when fail to achieve something. Actually this is not a failure. It is just that your strategy of work does not work at that time. So avoid negative thinkings. Watch motivational videos or you may read motivational stories of successfull people. Do not forget to revive yourself every moment with positive attitude and thinking.

STEP 5 :

Try to exercise and Keep smiling : Exercise is urgent and the most important thing to keep fit is our most valuable wealth, which is health. Keep exercising for a minimum 30 minutes a day. And as the proverb goes ‘ A smiling face can melt a rock ‘, try keep a smile on your face. Remember no one likes a dreary and dusky. A smile on face pleases everyone.

STEP 6 :

Do not try to judge / avoid debating on irrelevant matters : Do not judge a book by its cover or don’t try to judge quickly. Nothing happens without reason. So try to unfold the reason underneath. It will keep you away from judging others. And never try to debate or to take pride in the things you know very little. This debating habit on irrelevant things makes you fool ununattractive. So if you have that bad habit, try to change yourself.

STEP 7 :

Be confident / try to talk about what you know perfectly : Last but not least is be confident and never talk about the things you know nothing about. If you asked about something you may not know just them that you do not know about that t\matter. This will not make you down but it will give you an impression that you actually do not communicate with the things you do not know. So,when you will say something to others, they will easily have faith in you. And confidence on yourself and confidence of others’ on you will keep the things on how you wish to keep.

Thank you.

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