English Essay on My Best Friend

english essay on my best friend

English essay on my best friend: ‘My Best Friend’ is an important topic for essay writing in English for school-going kids. So, I am going to write this essay on my best friend in simple and lucid language.

Therefore, let’s jump to our topic.

My Best Friend

A friend is someone with whom we share our feelings, joys, and sorrows. A true friend is someone who will stand by you all the time when you are in danger. I have many friends. All are good. But Ariyat is my best friend. He is my classmate. He is soft-spoken and well-mannered. We go to school together. He never misses any lessons and homework. That is why he is very good at his studies.

He always helps me. In this world, it is very difficult to find a true friend. But I am fortunate enough. I met him in class seven, and we became best friends to each other since then. He is as tall as me. He always wears clean dresses. Furthermore, he never quarrels with his classmates. He always obeys his teachers and elders. Truly, he is an ideal student. For this reason, everybody admires him.

He is very kind enough. He helps the poor. Not only that, but he is very punctual and health conscious. He does exercises in the afternoon. Ariyat is very sincere about his studies. He understands me very well. I never had any friend like him ever before. Therefore, I share all my feelings with him. He is very ambitious. He wants to be a doctor. And he wants to treat patients in the village free of cost.

Besides all that, he has two qualities. He is a very good storyteller. He often tells the whole class thrilling stories of ancient times. Furthermore, he makes us laugh, telling us various interesting jokes. His delivery of jokes like a comedian is praiseworthy enough. (270 words)

Write an essay on My Best Friend in English in 150 words:

My Best Friend

A friend is someone who always stands by you in your bad times. We share our joys, sorrows, and feelings with our best friends. I have many friends. All are good. But Jubin is my best friend. We met in class six. We are best friends since then. He is of my age.

Jubin is tall and fair. He is very sincere about his studies. He never misses any class, lesson, or homework. That is why he is good at his studies. So, everyone loves and admires him. He obeys his teachers and elders. Being soft-spoken and well-mannered, he never quarrels with anyone. Rather, he helps his classmates to prepare for their studies is necessary. In this self-centred world, it is very difficult to find such a friend like him. I am lucky enough to have him as my best friend. I love him a lot. (149 words)

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