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English Optional Paper for WBCS Preparation: Are you confused whether it is right to choose English Optional as optional paper in WBCS Exam? Most students consider English optional papers very difficult to score good marks to crack the examination of WBCS Exam. But the question is why?

Though they passed their graduation with English subject, they are afraid to select English as their optional subject. You are an aspirant for the examination of WBCS Examination. And you are at a loss whether to take English or not. Here, I am to assist you.

Optional Papers should be taken according to your choice of yours. But to choose a subject from the subjects you have gone through in your graduation course is a wise decision. It is not like that if you choose a different subject, it will not work. The thing is that you have to put much effort to grasp the subject.

If you are a graduate with honours in English, you can definitely choose English subject as your optional paper. Do not panic. Because it will not as difficult as you are thinking now. It will definitely help you to score your desired marks in the civil service examination. There is a rumor or myth that English Literature is not a scoring subject. Besides, it is very tough to score to crack the civil service examination.

English as an optional paper will help you a lot to crack the exam. I will tell you the reasons why you should select this subject as an optional paper in your civil service examination.

Reasons why should select English Literature

You have learned enough about the proses, poems, dramas, and novels in your graduation year.

The dramas, proses, poems, and novels which are included in the syllabus of the West Bengal Civil Service Examination are mostly from the syllabus of your graduation year.

So, it will not take too much time to go through the text and grasp the syllabus for the exam.

You will have the notes and the study materials of the texts.

If you go through the previous years’ questions of English Optional Paper, you will find that the questions are very repetitive and have the same patterns.

This will give you the opportunity to make selective suggestions for your preparation.

There is less competition in this subject.

Moreover, many candidates have chosen this, and, they have succeeded.

How to Prepare :

Firstly, you need to know what types of questions a civil service aspirant has to face in the exam hall to crack the examination. If you go through the previous years’ questions carefully, you will find certain connections and patterns in the questions. Just carefully note down the patterns and make a suggestion of the texts you need to prepare for the examination

Then, write down the basic common questions from the previous years’ questions. And make preparation.

Furthermore, go through the text thoroughly and carefully. Marks the important sections of the chapters you are reading.

Next, make model question papers with the questions you are considering very important. Then, practice completing in the specific time the questions you have put in the model question papers.

At last, keep faith in yourself and be ready to go on.

Hope this article will help you to select the optional paper for your civil service examinations.

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