Essay on Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution Essay in English:

Here is the essay on environmental pollution in English in 500 words. Environment, polluted by different activities of ourselves, is very important for a healthy life.

Everything around us is the environment. The environment consists of living and non-living things. A healthy environment means a healthy natural balance of clean air, water soil, and other resources. But these days we, the people on this earth, constantly have been polluting our environment indiscriminately.

When unwanted things or wastes are not disposed of properly, they spoil the environment or cause pollution. Cutting trees for building house and buildings also cause environmental pollution. We all need a pollution-free environment to live a life free of diseases and hazards.

Environmental pollution may be of different types. They are mainly noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution.

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Any unpleasant or unbearable sound is called noise. The excessive sounds of loudspeakers, horns, speeding vehicles, noise from machines and factories, bursting crackers cause noise pollution. Noise pollution may result in the loss of hearing, abnormality in temperament, heart disease, and many more health problems in the long run.

Harmful gases and smoke from the factories and vehicles mix in the air. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide increase in the air. This cause lung problem or even cancer. The harmful unwanted substances cause pollution. Burning plastic, garbage, lighting crackers pollutes the air. Thus, polluted air causes cough and breathing problems.

We all know water is life. But these days, water is polluted randomly every second. Poisonous and harmful waters from the factories and mills are released into the waters of rivers and lakes. Even we gave polluted the water of the Ganga today.

The rivers and lakes are polluted by throwing garbage into them, bathing animals, washing clothes and utensils, dumping harmful wastes from mills and factories, use of harmful chemicals and pesticides on the agricultural lands, causing water pollution.

The contamination of harmful things with water causes water pollution. This polluted water is very harmful to our health as it may be a threat to all living beings. 

Dumping wastes or garbage on land, using plastics, and other non-disposable things we use in our everyday life cause land or soil pollution.

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The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides pollute the soil. And we know that humans, plants, and animals live on land. Deforestation causes soil erosion. 

We must take necessary actions to save this earth fit for our living. The government has banned the use of plastics in various parts of our country. But it is not followed strictly. For this, exemplary actions should be taken for violating the laws.

Afforestation which means planting trees is very necessary to save our only green planet for the sake of ourselves. Excessive use of chemicals and pesticides, dumping garbage here and there, emission of harmful gases and smokes from vehicles and factories, hooting horns unnecessarily, a restriction on the use of non-disposable things must be controlled and banned where necessary.

And a massive awareness campaign on mainstream media and social media should be kept on. People must be informed about the hazards, harmful effects of environmental pollution. A healthy, natural, and toxic-free environment is very important and necessary to live a life free from any pollution. (525 words)

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