Essay on Lockdown in English

essay on lockdown in english

Impact of lockdown in India:

To discuss the impact of lockdown in India, we need to know all the details of lockdown like the meaning of the word ‘lockdown’, the phases of lockdown in India, unlock process, etc. So, let’s start to write an essay on the impact of lockdown in India.

What is lockdown:

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of the word ‘lockdown is ‘an emergency situation in which people are not allowed to freely enter, leave, or move around in a building or area because of danger or of a dangerous disease’.

The terms like ‘stay-at-home’, ‘shelter-in-place, are associated with the word lockdown. The imposition of ‘lockdown’ is initiated by a person or a group of persons in a position of authority.

During a lockdown period, schools colleges, companies, institutions of private sectors remain closed.

The government of the country announces a guideline for the countrymen. The guideline clearly states what people can do and cannot do during a certain period of lockdown of that country.

Types of Lockdown:

There are various types of lockdown. They are ‘preventive lockdown’, ’emergency lockdown’, ‘full lockdown’, ‘lockdown in pandemic and epidemic’, etc.

What are dos and don’ts:

Normal movements, under the situation of a lockdown, people are ceased for the time being. A restriction is imposed upon the gathering, wandering on the road without any reason, going for a film, or to a restaurant. The authoritative power like the administrative sector of government control and monitor the restrictions.

But the basic and emergency services like groceries, medical treatment, police services are open for all.

Lockdown in India:

The government of India, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, declared a nationwide lockdown for twenty-one days on 24th March 2020. It was ordered as a preventive measure against the Covid-19 pandemic in India. This announcement was done when the World Health Organisation (WHO) called the Covid-19 disease pandemic and epidemic in the world.

The lockdowns were declared in different phases in India. They are mentioned below, in brief:

1st phase of lockdown: announced on 24 March 2020 for 21-days.

2nd phase of lockdown: announced on 15th April 2020 for 19-days.

3rd phase of lockdown: announced on 4th May 2020 for 14-days.

4th phase of lockdown: announced on 18th May 2020 for 14 days.

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Unlock Process:

Then the unlock process began. The states were allowed to control the pandemic situation according to the spread of the COVID-19 in the concerned states. These unlock were done step by step in a state. Unlock is the withdrawal of the restrictions imposed upon the activities of the people of a country.

Impact or effect of Lockdown in India:

Positive benefits:

  1. Lockdown was first declared in India on 24th March 2020, to stop the spreading of the coronavirus among people, especially at the community level. The people of India have experienced that the lockdown was really a fruitful action to seize the spread of the disease.

2. The people who were very busy earlier could spend time with their families. The members of the family were happy enough to have to spend quality time with one another.

3. Children who were stored off going to school and continuing their studies got relief for that time.

4. We, the people of India, as well as the people of the world, learn few English words which were never heard before. We got familiar with the words or phrases like ‘lockdown’, ‘unlock’, ‘keep distance’, ‘quarantine’, ‘new normal’, ‘work from home’, etc.

5. Our environment got relief from rapid pollution for the time being.

6. The conventional energies like petrol, electricity were used less during that time of lockdown. So, the energies were in store for future use.

7. People who were not efficient in online activity, became adept in online activities like money transactions, banking, using Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

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Negative Impact of lockdown:

But a coin has two sides, right? So, the prolonged and various phases of lockdown in India bring misery to the life of the people of India.

  1. The people, especially those who are daily wage earners, were unable to make both ends meet. The small and medium businesses were forced to shut down the business.

2. The lockdown restrictions caused unprecedented ‘job losses’. The quality and quantity of deserved people both deteriorated. The employees of the private sector companies lost their job. They found it difficult to maintain the lifestyle of the earlier period. This drastic change in their lifestyle made them feel humiliated. Even many of them committed suicide.

3. Many of them transfer the admission of their children from a renowned private school to a government school.

4. A large proportion of Indians, mainly the socio-economically marginalised, have found it difficult to find jobs, maintain their family, and access basic needs and healthcare.

5. The migrated workers felt homeless, jobless, shelterless, moneyless with the sudden news of lockdown in the whole country.

6. They tried to come back home on foot, covering a distance of even 2000 km. Though many succeeded to return home, they could not be alive for the extensive exhaustion of the journey.

7. Due to the lockdown, India’s exports in April fell by -36.65% year-on-year. And imports in April 2020 downgraded by -47.36% as compared to April 2016, according to the news of The Hindu.

8. The GDP growth was also deduced into negative in comparison with the previous financial years.

9. The domestic violence in the families began to increase rapidly.

10. The prolonged lockdown threw the education system in the country in disarray. The schools and colleges remained stopped.

11. The psychological condition of the children began to deteriorate as they could not meet their friends and classmates. They felt lonely and bored staying home at home all day.

12. Though online education was introduced, poor families couldn’t afford android mobiles, or tablets or, any electronic gadgets.

13. Those children having electronic gadgets to access online classes are victimised by the excessive use of mobiles and other types of electronic gadgets.

14. Many organisations, offering the best online education to children, drained out the funds of Indian parents.

15. Fraudulent activities like hacking mobile phones, bank accounts, credit or debit cards were reported in large numbers during this period.

16. Many frauds companies grew in the name of giving medical services at doorsteps during that time.

Actions, taken by the Government :

To revive the socio-economic condition of the country, many fruitful initiatives have been taken by the Indian Government. The Government of India has taken a variety of necessary actions including the introduction of new policies like Atmanirbhar (self-reliant)Bharat Abhiyan, Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, etc to address the problems of India and its people. The efficacy of these attempts and initiatives, however, is yet to be seen.

But India is now progressing. We hope India will definitely be the number one country in the world in all respect.

I am really proud to be Indian.

Joy Hind…

Thank you.

** Disclaimer:- No information or data, given in this article, is claimed to be a hundred percent accurate and correct. This is just for education purposes. Further, it is mentioned here that there is no intention to harm or defame any person or any group of people, or organisation/s, state/s, county/countries.

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