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Friendship Essay in English

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Write an Essay in English on Friendship (in 150 words)

Friendship is the sweetest of all human relationships. Man makes a society to live in, and he makes friends to live with. When in joy and glory, he needs someone to share them. Similarly, in his woes and miseries, he wants others to unburden him. Thus, the true friend becomes very close to one another.

Friends bring smiles and tears for smiles, man is and tears for tears. As no man is an isolated unit, friends are Indispensable in his life. Trust and love are two pillars upon which stands the edifice of true friendship. It is free from the stain of meanness and jealousy. It ignores barriers of caste and creed, gender, and age.

Sample 2

Write 10 Lines Essay on Friendship in English

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  2. Friendship is the loveliest of all human relationships.
  3. A true friend stands by his friend’s side all the time, whenever he is in danger, all the time.
  4. Friends bring smiles.
  5. They never hurt one another.
  6. True friends share everything with each other.
  7. They respect each other.
  8. Trust and respect are the two pillars of true friendship.
  9. True friends always keep helping one another in danger.
  10. True friendship is beyond the barriers of caste and region, gender, and age.

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