How to Get Motivated Always. Tips to Stay Motivated

To be sad for a time is natural. But that cannot be the right answer for you as when you want to remain always motivated. The successful leaders of history had a unique characteristic feature of their leadership. They all succeeded not only for their bravery or for their gift of the gab but for their mind which was always motivated with their goals and success. So, when you make up your mind to do something great and glittering, you need to be special or of course different from others in respect of the psychic state. Most of the people around the world have made their mind nothing but garbage of negativity. So don’t be like them. Charge yourself with these 5 working steps and remain motivated always.

1. Follow your passion and do not copy.

Most of us follow others who have already succeeded in their respective fields in which they are / were experts. But we easily forget to know our inner self what it wants to be or what it likes. I mean to say, first know yourself. Find out what you love to do. Then follow your passion and jump to work. You cannot be a master or expert in the field in which you do not have any interest. Rather it will demotivate you and bring you down to the ruin.

2. Make a visible long term and short term goal and follow a routine/ timetable.

Tell me honestly what you understand by the sentence above. Does it seem to you absurd or ridiculous when you first see the sentence. I mean what the phrase ‘visible long term and short term ‘goal’mean to you ? Well let me clear it very easily. Suppose you are going to sit for the exam of UPSC . So you obviously want to crack the exam. So it is your long term goal. To crack the nut you need to go through the syllabus of that exam very accurately and scientifically. And in front of you there is a huge pile of books to read and grab and the whole syllabus is really a sea. So just divide the syllabus you want cover in a certain period of time with complete routine or timetable which you have to follow. Now just make a short term goal to grab the piece of your whole syllabus which you have divided earlier and complete the task. When you end up to cover the shirt term goal, you definitely will be the winner in the long run. This really helps you to be always motivated.


3. Give reward to yourself

Now from the earlier example I have cited above, when you think that you have fulfilled your short goals, just take a break with chocolate. I am joking friend. Have you thought what a reward really mean to a winner and a loser too? It gives inspiration, dignity, courage, motivation to go ahead, energy to start with a new beginning. So when you give rewards to yourself you will get the spunk to defeat yourself for the best. So try to reward yourself with the things you like. It may be activities you like to do like listening music, drawing pictures or something else. And remember nothing can be gained suddenly. Practice it to get motivation.

4. Always be with liking people and keep away from negativity

Surrounding people play a pivotal role in our everyday life specially on our mind. So try to be with such people who have same goal like you and who cares for you. It is better to spend time with them. And always keep yourself aloof from the negative minded people. They will demotivate you. Do not nurture negative thought ever on your mind. Only the human beings can achieve the impossible. Nothing is impossible in this world. Our mind has great power and capability. Always remember what you can think can achieve definitely. 

5. Read the biographies of all successful people of the world.

Biographies of different successful people open different paths of success and of course they motivate us. They instigate to follow our passion. So keep reading for just 30 to 40 minutes the biographies of your favourite role model. It really works. And good books never betrays with its readers. For this you can visit Amazon or Flipkart and have a look on the plenty of books related to this topic.

Hope all these will spring within you a new yourself keep you motivated as long as you nurture your dream within yourself.. So follow and achieve. 

Wish you a very good luck…


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