Importance of Discipline in Student Life

Essay on the importance of discipline in student life

Importance of Discipline in student life essay: This essay on the Importance of Discipline in Student Life is an important topic of essay writing for school-going kids. So, let’s start our writing.

Discipline is some training or control which aims at promoting obedience to rules. It has some connection with the word ‘disciple’. So discipline is of vital importance in academic life.

Every successful man is disciplined and punctual. The primary duty of a student is to learn. But learning is a process. It follows a system. So, a student is to undergo a process. At school, he is expected to abide by certain rules and regulations. These rules help him/her to build his/her career and develop his/her mental and moral faculties.

Indiscipline vitiates the academic atmosphere. Student unrest is a common scene in our society. Lack of discipline is at the root of this problem. Students are sometimes misled by their elders and bad company. This is awfully bad.

They should discipline themselves by all means. Indisciplined life goes nowhere. So, a student must obey his/her teachers and elders and follow disciplines in life strictly.

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