Important 60+ One Word Substitution in English

Important 60+ One Word Substitutions in English:- The one-word substitution is one of the very important topics for various competitive exams like SSC, CGL, Civil Service, Bank, and many more. So, you cannot avoid this lesson if you want to score a good mark in English Language and English Composition. 

What is a one-word substitution?

Do not worry. The answer is very easy. One word substitution is the replacement of a group of words or a sentence with a single word without changing the exact meaning of the group of words.

In this article, you will find a list of 60+ important one-word substitutions which will definitely help you in the preparation for SSC, CGL, Civil Service, etc for the English Language & Comprehension Section.

So, here is a list of one-word substitutions related to persons in different fields. You should go through them all and memorize them carefully.

The type of questions you may face in the examination is given below:

Q. Among four alternatives choose the right one to replace the group words/ the sentence:

  An unmarried woman 

I. Bachelor

2. Spinster

3. Misogamist

4. Racist

# Answer: Option 2.

List of One-word substitutions denoting persons:

A lover of mankind – Altruist/ Philanthropist

One who does a thing for pleasure, not for the profession – Amateur

One who can use both hands easily – Ambidextrous

One who wants to destroy all governments, peace, and order – Anarchist

A person who has changed his faith – Apostate

A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute – Arbitrator

A person leading an austere life – Ascetic

A person who does not believe in God – Atheist

A person unable to pay his debts – bankrupt/ Insolvent

One who is excessively enthusiastic in religious matters – Bigot/ Fanatic

An unconventional style of living – Bohemian

One who is bad in spelling – cacographist

One who eats human flesh – Cannibal

One who feeds on flesh – Carnivorous

A person who is blindly devoted to an idea – Chauvinist

A critical judge of any art and craft – Connoisseur

Persons living at the same time – Contemporaries

One who is recovering health after illness – Convalescent

A girl/ woman who flirts with men – coquette

A person who regards the whole world as his country – Cosmopolitan 

One who is a centre of attraction – Cynosure

One who sneers at the beliefs of others – cynic 

Polished and light-hearted person – Debonair

A man who is womanish in habit – Effeminate

A lover of oneself – Egoist

A person who often talks of his achievements is – Egotist 

A person who leaves his country to settle in another country – Emigrant (Antonym-Immigrant)

A person who loves to eat and drink – Epicure

One who believes in fate – Fatalistic

One who works for the benefits of the woman – Feminist/Philogynist

One who escapes from justice – Fugitive (Absconding person)

Lover of good – Gourmand

A connoisseur(রসজ্ঞ ব্যক্তি) of food – Gourmand 

A husband ruled by his wife – Henpecked

Person who acts against religion-Heretic 

One that lives on herbs – Herbivores 

One holding post without any salary – Honorary 

A person considering himself to be superior in culture and intellect – Highbrow/Snob

One who is over-anxious for health – Hypochondriac

One who breaks images and tradition – Iconoclast

One who does not know reading and writing – Illiterate 

One who pretends to be somebody else – Imposter

One does not tire easily – Indefatigable

One who does not express himself freely

One who makes journeys from one place to another – Itinerant

Too strong to be defeated – Invincible (Anto- Vincible)

One that cannot be harmed/wounded – Invulnerable

A person who leads an immoral life – Libertine (Syn- Lechery)

One who dies for a noble cause – Martyr

One who does something for the sake of money – Mercenary (in a bad sense)

One who hates mankind – Misanthrope(Philanthrope)

One who hates marriage – Misogamist

One hates knowledge – Misogynist (Anto- Bibliologist)

A person having the same name as another – Namesake

Lover of self – Narcissist

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One who is inexperienced – Novice/ Tyro

Collector of coins – Numismatist

One who eats everything – Omnivorous

A person who looks at the bright side of anything – Optimist

One who has no parents – Orphan

One who speaks many languages – Polyglot

One who hates war loves peace – Pacifist

One who does not care for art and literature – Philistine

A child born after the death of his father – Posthumous

One who is not sure about God’s existence – Agnostic


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