Physical Exercise Essay in English

physical exercise essay in english

Physical Exercise Essay in English: This physical exercise essay in English is suitable for school students and aspirants for different competitive exams. So, let’s start writing our essay.

Physical exercise is a vital means to keep us fit and healthy. It is a must for good health, as we know that means health is wealth. Health generally means a balance of a fit body and a sound mind. It is a key to happiness and joy.

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But good health is not possible without the exercise of the body and mind. Through exercise, our body gets a certain nimbleness. The organ becomes supple. Yoga and free hand exercises make become our body strong and sturdy. They increase our immunity power to keep our bodies ready to fight diseases. They develop the power of endurance.

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Walking, cycling and swimming are the names of some types of exercise. Through rigorous regular practice, one can keep his health fit. A diet with regular exercise may keep the doctor away.

In this age of strain and stress, we should for some practice them time daily Exercise also enhances the power of concentration. Thus, the exercise of any type boosts the capacity of our body and mind.

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