Plain Living High Thinking Essay

Plain Living High Thinking English Essay

Plain Living, High Thinking Essay: This ‘Plain Living, High Thinking’ Essay will all the students who are in schools and colleges. Besides, this is helpful for all the aspirants of different competitive exams at the state level and all India level.

Plain Living High Thinking

Man is one of the greatest creations of God. But he is not a mere biological entity. He has a noble mission in life. He has duties to perform for the well-being of the society he lives in.

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But he often forgets his mission. He is preoccupied with earthly cares and concerns. Thus, he grows selfish and self-centered. But man is not fully for himself. He is to think of his fellow men.

Great men of the world lead a very simple life. They never hanker after personal pleasures. They befriend ailing humanity. Furthermore, they think of and feel for the afflicted.

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They keep their promises until they rest and retire. They are the guides and guardians of the world. Not only that, but they lead a saintly and austere life.

In short, they are good Samaritans. They are never interested in fleshly pleasures. Like them, we should mould our life. Only then our life will be meaningful.

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