Science a Boon or Curse essay 500 words for wbcs 2021

Science has given us the best opportunity to make this earth perfectly fit for our living how we want. As every coin has its two sides. Then what about the use of science ? Where medicine has decreased the rate of death at a very low level, this medicine is also used as drugs by some youngsters. Weapons are made for security, but they may be also used in such a way that total human beings may be in threat. Then where lies the solution of concluding the fact that science is a boon or bane. How can we conclude ?

Let’s deal with the merits and demerits of science. It is doubtless that the present age cannot go awhile without any technological tools which are the creation of science.

Science brought this vast whole world into our palm. The internet, mobile phones, laptops, electricity, medicines, vehicles etc all are the production of science. Alarm on the clock or mobile helps us to rise in the morning . Switching off light we go to bed at night. And all these are the gifts from science. With the passing of time science has improved tremendously. Once, to go to a place just 10 km far, was not easy or comfortable. One has to go on foot. But today to visit a place 1000 km away is as easy as to think of it. In those days this was beyond imagination. But science has made it possible.

On the contrary,  excessive use of technology makes a man lazy and fades away his natural ability or potential and makes his I.Q level downwards. The medicines sometimes are used by the young people as drugs. Modern technology is for the wellbeing of ourselves. But the tools and technology are used in a perverted way to harm or hurt someone. It seems that we have no responsibilities towards our fellow citizens or neighbours. Science has made various kinds of mobiles to talk with our dear and near ones who stay away from us. These mobiles are for the benefit of human beings. They are used as mini computers with which we can work online or offline from anywhere. But they are also used to hack and loot the privacy and money of people which is not expected at all. In every sphere of our society we are using technology for the sake of our benefits and convenience. While the picture of random use of technology is quite different from the actual expectation of its inventions. Even this earth was not suitable for us to live into it. We, the human beings decorate this earth as we want for ourselves only with the help of technolgy and science. 

So, we cannot neglect the importance of science and technology on our lives. But as far as the demerits of science is concerned, it is not science or technology but the mentality or the way, one uses or takes its advantages, which matters. So one should be very careful and sincere when he / she is going to use it. And it can be both a boon or a bane for us. The way of its use confirms the answer of the question whether science is boon / blessing or bane / curse. (540 words )

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