Student and Social Service

student and social service essay

Student and Social Service Essay: This essay on ‘Student and Social Service’ in 200 words will help the school students to prepare for their lessons and project. So, let’s start our writing.

Every human being has a duty to the society he lives in. So, as the students have. Students are social beings. They are the backbone of the nation. The budding brains of the day will blossom into good citizens tomorrow. Naturally, they should have a commitment to society.

The primary duty of a student is to learn sincerely. He is to make his career rosier. He should form some good habits too. But is this all a student should go for? Definitely not. Society claims his energy and emotion. 

He must fight the burning problems of the nation. In our country, students should fight against illiteracy, drug addiction, superstitions, etc. They can make people aware of the impending danger of deforestation, pollution, etc. They can also take part in rescue and relief operations during natural calamities. 

All this will add to their joy of living. A student has a head to think about and a heart to feel. He is expected to feel and act for himself and for others in society. 

He can perform his/her duties individually or in a group. Undoubtedly it is the students who rebuild the society which is fast sinking.

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