Students and Politics Essay

Students and Politics Essay

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Students and Politics

Involvement of students in politics in their student life is a much-debated issue. Some say the first and foremost duty of a student is to study sincerely and acquire knowledge. Politics is a very serious affair.

Students are tender-aged. They should not dabble in politics. It will waste their time and energy. They may be misguided by selfish politicians for their own sake. But there is another school of thought. It approves the students’ active participation in political matters.

According to them, man is a political being. Students are the future of the country. They are in the support of the thought that the students must have a theoretical and practical interest in politics.

They should be conscious of the political currents in their country and abroad. Once in India, the students fought for freedom. In other countries too, students played a vital role. Naturally, students must join politics and try to better the country.

Both arguments have an element of truth. However, we feel that there should be a limit to everything. Students must be interested in the basics of politics. But they can’t do it at the expense of their pursuit of knowledge.

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