Visit to A Historical Place Essay

Visit to a historical place

Visit to a historical place essay in English: This article will help you to write an essay on ‘Your Visit to a Historical Place’ in English. If you want to write your own, just change the place you had visited and write. It is always praiseworthy to write your own style and words. So, let’s start our writing.

I look upon a visit to a historical place as a kind of self-discovery. I relive the past history. During the puja holidays, my parents took me to Agra. We went to New Delhi by the Rajdhani Express. The next day we reached Agra. 

It filled my heart with boundless joy and excitement. The majestic beauty of the Taj simply astounded me. It looks like a white flower in full bloom, dropped down from Eden.

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It was so beautiful and charming that I cannot express my feeling in words. The sky was moony, and the Taj appeared to be a marvelous dream in marbles. 

History seemed living and vocal to me. The grand mausoleum seemed to sing of the eternal glory of love and languishment. The emperor had left this world long ago. 

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But his magnificent creation defies the onslaught of time and remains in its fullest splendor. As I returned, I remembered Keats’s line, A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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