Privacy policy

We value and respect your absolute privacy. No information will be released or sold concerning our visitors except Finesummary is legally or ethically bound to do so. Please read carefully our privacy policy for any information you want to know.


This website (Finesummary) does not ask for any personal information like email, mobile number, credit card details, or bank details of any visitors, and we never save or store or share the personal data of any visitors.

You may need to input your name or email for contacting us or commenting on something on this site. It totally depends on you whether you wish to give or not. But that information may be needed for the interaction with the visitor who comments or tries to contact us. 

Cookies and Contact form :

There is a portion where you may be asked to give your name or email/name of the website. Here, the visitors may use virtual names/nicknames for their security reasons. Cookies, the site may use, are to give you the best experience for viewing and surfing the site.


This website uses several third-party plugins like word press theme and may be many more which may collect the timing of your visiting on your interested pages or posts of this site. And by opening to view posts or pages, you agree to it. For further alert, it must be noted that the website may contain links to other sites or applications or advertising companies or agencies. We strongly recommend you to view the privacy policy or terms and conditions of the third-party site or link. This website or its author, in no event, will be liable for any damages or losses for visiting that third-party sites or links.

 About Ad Network : 

 You may view on this site various types of advertisements from the Google Advertising Network. You voluntarily agreed to accept the terms and conditions of Google. It is because Google may keep an eye on your movement or activities to show ads relevant to you.

Service provider :

Third-party service providers may be used to monitor the use of this site. This might cause access to the personal data of the visitors, but these third parties are obligated not to disclose it or use it for any other purpose.

Policy for the children : 

If any visitor under the age of 13 or 18 provides any personal data, the parents of that visitor may contact us. If we found that data, we will take the necessary steps to help you remove that data. The parents of the visitors between the ages of 13 and 18 are advised to monitor the activity of the visitor on any page or post of this site, and the parent or that legal guardian is bound to accept the terms and conditions and abide by the privacy policy of this site.

Data disclosure : 

We strongly forbid you to disclose any personal data on this site, as this site may be used by visitors of different countries or regions. For any losses or misuse of the data for the disclosure of your personal data, we or our site will not be responsible. 

Changes in privacy policy :

We may change our privacy policy from time to time without prior notice to the visitors. But they can review the privacy policy page when changes will be updated. So you are strongly reminded that you must review our privacy policy according to your need or wish. We are not bound to the visitors to inform them. It is their responsibility to review our privacy policy.


 By using this Finesummary website, you are bound to accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions of this site. If you do not agree with the terms and policies, you may abstain from the use of this site.

For further queries, you may contact us.