Application for Birth Certificate

application for birth certificate

Application to issue a birth certificate

If someone is born at this age, it’s the duty of his/ her father or mother to register the date of birth to the concerned department as early as possible. These days, a birth certificate is mandatory for admission into a school, or for any job.

So, we, the guardians of our babies, have to apply for the birth certificate to issue in the name of our baby. Here is a sample of how one can write an application letter for a birth certificate.

It is mentioned here that in India, various parts of our country have different rules and regulations for the same. And the address to whom the letter is addressed is different.

So, you just need to have the right information of the authority who has the right authority to issue the birth certificate. You need to address the Head of the authority at the top of the letter and the remaining part of this format will be the same.

Application for birth certificate


The Officer-in-charge,

The Birth and Death Register Office,

Address of the Office

Subject: Application for birth certificate

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, I wish to state that my son (daughter, Rohan Ali, ( the name of your son/daughter) was born on 26th August 2018 (the date of birth) in the ABC Hospital in Kolkata (the place of birth). The date was registered in your office. The necessary documents in this regard are enclosed herewith for kind perusal and verification. For a number of reasons, I could not apply for the birth certificate of my son. Now we need his birth certificate.

Therefore, I request you to do what is required to issue a birth certificate in favor of my son as early as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Your Full Name

Encl: 1. Receipt copy of the registration of birth date.

2. Release/ Discharge letter of the hospital.

3. Aadhaar Card of father

4. Aadhaar card of the mother.

5. Other necessary documents if you attach.

Thank you.

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