Letter to Your Father Asking Him to Send Money

Letter to your Father asking him to Send Money

Letter to Your Father Asking Him to Send Money: Suppose you are staying in a hostel. You need some money to buy some important books. Now write a letter to your father asking him to send some money as you want to buy reference books.

ABD Hostel

1/3 BH Road


Dear father,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirit. I am also well. Not only that, but I am doing well in my studies. Furthermore, I just completed my 3rd-semester exam last month. The result will be published in the next month. I hope I will do very well.

By the way, I need some money, papa. Our teacher has recommended two reference books for further study. I think I should buy these books. It will help me to understand the topic better. The cost of these two books is 290. So, please send me Rs 300 as early as possible. I will go home next December.

No more today. Regards to ma and love to my younger brother.

Your son,


Full address of your father

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