How to Write an Application for Checking Electric Meter

Application for Checking Electric Meter

Application for checking Electric meter in English

For checking the electric meter, if it is not working, inform the officer in charge. And to do this, you need to write an application.

This is a specimen copy of how to write an application letter for checking the electric meter in English. To write this application for checking electric meter you need your electric consumer number, last electric bill, address of your electric supplying office, etc in your hand. So keep it ready and write your application in this format.


    The Station Manager

     ABC Electricity Power Office


Sub: Application for checking Electric Meter for Incorrect Electric Bill

Respected Sir,

                      With due respect, I wish to state that my Electric consumer number is 123456. The last electricity bill I got is of amount Rs. 2100 for the consumption of 300 units of power. I think this amount is

very excessive in comparison with my previous electricity bills. I have informed the in-charge officers repeatedly as I have noticed that my electric meter is not working properly. Furthermore, I want my electric meter to be checked and verified, and it should be replaced with a new one if necessary. 

Therefore, I earnestly request you to do whatever is required as soon as possible to check and verify my electric meter and if it is found defective, please replace this defective meter immediately.

Thanking you,

Dated:  place


Yours faithfully,

Your full name


  1. Last Bill

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