How to Write an Experience Certificate

How to write an experience certificate in english

How to write an experience certificate: After completing our education, we all have to work for our livelihood. And more work time, more experience. But the question is how we can write an experience properly.

What is an Experience certificate:

An experience certificate is a declaration or certificate given by the authority or employer containing one’s total experience of working in a profession within a certain period of time.

Are you a working person? Then you may need an experience certificate written in English for the experience you gathered working through the years in your profession. But are you confused about how to write that experience certificate in English properly?

Do not worry. I am here to assist you. Before starting, let me tell you the information you need to keep in your hand. Firstly, just keep the joining date of the job you are doing now. That’s all. In this situation, let’s see how we can write it properly. But before that, let me tell you the format you should write an experience certificate.

Format of an Experience Certificate

You should remember one thing, as the experience is just a declaration from the end of your authority, it is not addressed to anybody. Or, we cannot write it like an official letter. It has a separate format.

When we write a declaration or certificate, we write it without any salutation. So, you should write the phrase “To whom it may concern” above the body of the certificate or declaration.

Follow the format below:

Format 1 (for Government Teachers)

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that ……….(your full name) is a permanent assistant teacher (the name of the post) of this ABC School (the name of the institution you are working in). He/she joined the post on ………01.01.2019 (the joining date of your service). His unceasing efforts for the entire appeasement of the authority are highly praiseworthy. He/ she has the total professional/ working experience of ….years……months and …… days (the total years, months, and days of your experience).

I wish him/her every success in his life.

Full Signature of the Authority with date

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Format 2 (for Private Company Employees)

Experience Certificate


It is certified that Sumit S/O- Mohit Kumar, 5/2 L.K Road, Kolkata has been working as the supervisor of this multinational company since the very first day of his joining this service. He joined his post on 3rd March 2017. He has a total professional/working experience of 5 years and 3 months. His unceasing efforts for the entire appeasement of the authority are highly praiseworthy. He has been very professional, skilled, punctual, and sincere from the very first day of his service.

Wishing him every success in his life.

Signature of the authority


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