Letter writing in English with examples

Letter writing in English with Examples

Letter writing in English with examples: To know the letter writing in English, examples may help you to learn the art of letter writing very easily. First, let me tell you about the types of letters in English.

There are two types of letter writing in English. One is a formal letter and the other one is an informal letter.

Formal letters are written for official purposes like to a bank, school, college, newspaper, etc. And the letters we write to our friends and families, is called informal letters. Informal letters are also called personal letters.

So now, let’s learn how to write these types of letters in English with examples. Because a discussion with an example about letter writing in English will make it easier to understand.

Formal Letter Writing Format:

9/2 NirupomaDevi Road




Subject: For early leave


With due respect, I wish to state that I am Suraj Kumar, a student of class X. I am feeling feverish and nauseous from the second period. And for this reason, I am unable to sit in the class. I want to go home after the fourth period.

So, I request you to allow me to go home granting early leave for today and oblige me thereby.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Your full name

Informal Letter Writing Format in English:

9/2 Nirupoma Devi Road



West Bengal


My dear friend,

Hope my letter finds you in a fit and fine situation. We are all well by the grace of the Almighty. I have come to know that you do not read newspapers. Well, let me tell you some interesting facts about the habit of reading newspapers.

Newspapers keep us updated about all the surrounding happenings. We come to know the latest things on this earth. We can be aware of the modern threats and crimes around us. A person who reads the newspaper daily can improve his/her language.

So, basically, newspaper reading is a very good and constructive habit. Current affairs is a very important chapter in our syllabus. And we can improve it by reading the newspaper.

So, try to build up the habit of reading newspapers daily to keep you updated with the changes of time.

Hope you understand the importance of reading a newspaper and so, adopt this good habit. No more today. More when we meet.

Give regards to your parents and love to your younger sister.

Yours ever,


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