Nominee Claim Application

Nominee Claim Application

The nominee claim application is very easy to write. You just need to follow the rules of a formal letter. Remember to write all the relevant information regarding your subject matter.

If you are the nominee, you should write the nominee claim application in the below-mentioned format.


The Manager

PQR Life Insurance Company


Sub: application for nomination claim 


With due respect, I beg to state that I am Akshay Kumar, son of Late Mukesh Kumar. My father died of a Heart attack on 5.1.2021.

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He had a PQR life insurance policy (the name of the company of the insurance). The policy number is 123456. He paid all the premiums regularly.

I am the nominee for that policy. So I want to have the sum assurance capital of that insurance policy. Necessary documents like the death certificate of my father, my identity proof, etc. are enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.

Therefore, you request you to take immediate action to disburse the amount in favour of me and oblige me thereby 

Yours faithfully,

Your Full Name

Dated: Kolkata


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