Application for bona fide Certificate

application for bona fide certificate

Application for bona fide certificate in English: Here I have discussed it in detail. So, read this article carefully.

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Bona fide certificate may be required for submission of a scholarship (private or government). And for many other reasons, you may need it. So, we may say that it depends on the requirement.

What is bona fide certificate:

It is a certificate issued by the head of the institution stating that he/ she is/was the actual person who belongs/belonged to the class/institution at the particular time/year.

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To write this application letter in English, one should have to follow the formal letter format. So, let’s learn how to write an application letter to the headmaster/ principal of a school/college for a bona fide certificate in English.

Application letter format for bona fide certificate:

52/7 ABC Road




The Headmaster/Principal

PQR School/College

Address of the school/college

Subject: Application for bona fide certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I wish to state that I am a student of class XI of this institution. I belong to a very poor family. I may not be able to continue my further studies for my financial hardship.

So, I have applied for a government scholarship so that I can study further. For this reason, I need a bona fide certificate immediately.

Therefore, I shall be much obliged if you kindly issue a bona fide certificate in favour of me at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Your full name

Class: Section: Roll No:

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  • Who can issue a bona fide certificate?
  • The head of the institution is the actual authority to issue a bona fide certificate.

  • How long does it take to have a bona fide certificate?
  • Actually, it depends on the head of the institution.

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