Application for poor sanitary condition

application for poor sanitary condition

Letter to Chairman for Poor Sanitary Problem: This is a specimen copy of an application letter to the Chairman of the Municipality regarding the poor sanitary condition in your locality. Application for poor sanitary condition of your locality

Question: Write an application letter to the chairman of your Municipality, for the poor sanitary condition of your locality.

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The Chairman

16 June 2011

ABC Municipality

QPR, Nadia

Subject: Poor Sanitary problem


With due respect, I wish to draw your kind notice to the poor sanitary problem of our area for consideration and favorable action.

We live in Ward No. 10 of your ABC Municipality. The sanitation problem of this ward is acute. The drains are not cleaned regularly. Filthy water accumulates for months.

The corporation sweepers are a rare sight. They are not paying any attention to our repetitive complaints. The drains are mostly damaged. Polluted water floods the roads. It emits a foul odor.

Again, the stagnant water of the drains has been the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Garbage has been piling up on the roads. In fact, the ward now turns into a veritable hell.

I would request you to take some solid measures immediately to improve the standard of sanitation in the interest of public health. The sooner, the better.

Yours faithfully,

Jubin Shaikh

Ward No.-10, ABC Municipality QPR, Nadia

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