Loud Noise on Mobile in Bus & Train

Loud music on Mobile Phones in Bus and Train

Loud noise on mobile on bus and train: Loud noise on mobile on bus & train is very annoying. We must stop that very soon. So, write to the commissioner of police of your town, requesting him to take necessary steps to stop the continuous playing of loud music on mobile phones in running buses & local trains.

This is the sample letter. So, let’s start our letter.


The Commissioner of Police

Lalbazar, Kolkata

Kolkata 700019

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Subject: Prayer for taking necessary steps against loud music on Mobile Phones.


With due respect, I wish to state the following fact, which is a great problem for us.

We have to go here and there for our job and services. Nowadays, a journey by bus or train is anything but smooth and comfortable.

In overcrowded buses or local trains, people are to put up with the loud music from mobile phones. The youngsters board the bus and then start playing on their mobile phones, much to the vexation of others. Besides, they never think of the sufferings of their fellow passengers.

The situation has come to such a pass that you find it very difficult to communicate with conductors or T.T. Besides, the loud horns of the automobiles, the sounds of the crowd, and the loud nasty filmy songs on the mobiles combine to create a cacophony. It adds to noise pollution.

Now, it is high time that administration must take some solid necessary steps to put a stop to, or at any rate to regulate, the playing of loud music on mobile phones in vehicles. The sooner, the better.

Yours faithfully,

Shuvam Kumar

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