Editorial Letter on Hawker Problem

Editorial Letter on Hawker Problem

Editorial letter on hawker problem: This is a sample editorial letter to the Editor of an English daily on the hawker problems on the streets of your area.

Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily, on the hawker problem on the streets of your town and cities.

So, this is a formal letter. Hence, we need to follow the rules of a formal letter to write this editorial letter on the hawker problem.

Let’s start the letter.


The Editor

The Statesman


Subject: Hawker problem on the streets of our locality


I would be gratified if you kindly allow me to ventilate my views through the columns of your esteemed daily on the illegal /unauthorised possession of streets and roads by the hawkers.

Unfortunately, the footpaths of our towns and cities are now in unauthorised possession of the hawkers. Because the vendors run their business on the pavements in total disregard for the safety of pedestrians. As a result, people are to come down on the road and take every risk of being run over by the passing automobiles.

The footpaths are meant for the ” passers-by. But reality tells the other tale. It is not that the hawkers are not aware of the disadvantages of the people. But in this time of acute unemployment, they manage to forget their social duties.

Hence, I request the appropriate authority to make an alternative arrangement for the vendors and rid the footpaths of them for the safety and security of the people who walk on the street.

Yours faithfully,

Your full name

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Hope this sample letter will help you.

Thank you.

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