Letter to a Friend Describing How You Spend the Summer Vacation

Letter to a friend describing how you spend summer vacation

Letter to a Friend about How You Spend the Summer Vacation: You know that letter is of two types. One is formal letter and the other is informal letter. The informal letter is also called personal letter or private letter. So, this letter to your friend describing how you spent the summer vacation is a personal letter.

Let us start write letter to your friend describing how spend the summer vacation in English.

12/3 ABM Road,

Maharstra, 739020

My dear friend,

Your letter is just in my hand. You have wanted to know that how I spent the summer vacation. Well, The period of summer vacation was very thrilling and exciting for me. We all went to our village in West Bengal. There we enjoyed so much that I cannot even describe it in words.

I went to the mangoes garden with my cousins. In nature we played and enjoyed the nature. My grand mother told us ghost stories ant night. We all enjoyed that. But we have to return after 10 days as my vacation was to over.

What is your plan in Puja Vacation ? Let me know. Regards to your parents and love to younger brother.

Yours ever,


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