Letter to Your Brother about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Letter to Your Brother about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Letter to Your Brother about the Importance of Reading the Newspaper: Your brother, who lives in a boarding school, reads nothing beyond his school books. In this situation, write a letter to him telling him about the benefits of reading daily newspapers, magazines, and story books.

So, let’s start the letter.

Sample 1

Letter to Your Brother about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

2/1 M.L Street,

Kolkata 700071

24 September 2008

My dear Suman,

Your letter is just in my hand. I am glad to learn that you have scored very high marks in your annual examination. It is true that the books prescribed in the syllabus need to be studied hard for good results. Besides, apart from these books, there are certain other things that you also need to read on a regular basis.

First thing to remember is that, you should make a habit of reading the daily newspaper. It gives you all-around knowledge on a variety of topics. Likewise, weekly magazines give information about career options and job opportunities. No doubt, storybooks, and science fiction would help to develop your creative imagination.

So, develop the habit of reading extracurricular materials every day. It will help you in the long run.

Your loving brother,


Suman Paul

4/2 Delhi School Hostel


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Sample 2

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Letter to Your Friend about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

2/1 L.K Road


24 September 2022

Dear friend,

Your letter is just in my hand. From this letter, I have come to know that you are well, and your studies are also going very well. Here, I am going to share with you some very special information to gain knowledge. No doubt, we must read the books prescribed in the syllabus for good results. At the same time, we should read newspapers, magazines, and storybooks.

Newspaper enhances the knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge. While different types of magazines give carrier options and job opportunities. Likewise, storybooks and science fiction develop our imagination and creativity.

So, I should strongly recommend you to read newspapers, and magazines daily to enhance your all round knowledge. Moreover, it is a very good habit.

No more today. More when we meet.

Yours ever,


Suman Paul

5/2 A.L Road


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