Letter to a Friend Inviting him to Your Village

Letter to a friend inviting him to your village during summer vacations

Letter to a friend inviting him to your village during summer vacations: This is a sample letter in English to a friend inviting him/her to your village during summer vacation.

Village: Madhpur

P.O- Baliadanga

District: Bibhum


September 16, 2022

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Dear Suman,

Hope you all are fit and fine by the grace of the almighty. Firstly, for a long time, you have not written to me. So, I am writing this.

I earnestly desire that you should come to my village during the summer vacation. We both shall enjoy ourselves here. I am sure that you will certainly like the village life. So, it will be a delightful change for you. Our area is famous for mountains, lakes, rivers, green forests and for its natural beauty. There are many beautiful picnic spots near my village. There is some scenic beauty in our adjacent area. You will love the natural beauty of our locality. Because you are from Delhi city. Moreover, the fresh air and pollution-free atmosphere enrich and refresh your soul and mind. City life is full of hustle and bustle and has become very polluted. You will find the village life very peaceful, with clean air and greenery all around. You will feel as if you are on a hill station.

Please confirm your date of arrival.

Regards to your parents and love for your younger sister.

Yours sincerely


Address of your friend with a stamp

End of letter.

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