Letter to a Friend Inviting him to Join a Picnic

Letter to a Friend Inviting him to Join a Picnic

Letter to a Friend Inviting him to Join a Picnic: This is a sample letter to a friend inviting him/her to join a picnic.

12 Defence Colony, New Delhi

November 25, 20XX

Dear Maneesh,

As I wrote to you earlier, my three friends from Mumbai have arrived here in the morning today. We are going on a picnic to Amber in Rajasthan on 30th November. We shall go there by taxi. Likewise, we will start at 6 am and come back by 8 pm the same day. As you know, Amber has a beautiful palace with a great historical significance. I’ll be very happy and insist upon you to join us positively. It’ll be a great pleasure to have you in our company.

Convey my regards to your parents.

Yours sincerely


End of letter.

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