Letter to Friend Describing the Festival of Holi

Letter to Friend Abroad describing the Festival of Holi

Letter to a Friend Describing the Festival of Holi: Letter to a friend abroad describing the festival of Holi.

25/3 A.B Road


Septeember20, 2022

Dear Suman,

How are you? Very recently, I celebrated the Holi festival along with my family and friends. It is also called a festival of colours as people smear ‘Gulal’ of various shades on each other’s faces. Small children fill coloured water in their balloons and start the day by bursting these on others.

‘Thandai’ is a sweet drink which is prepared on this occasion. Some people mix ‘bhang’ also in this thandai which is not a good practice. Lots of snacks like gunzias, samosas, and pakoras are served to people who visit our house.

People embrace each other and try to forget and forgive even their enemies. At the same time, some people spoil the fun of this festival by drinking too much or indulging in quarrels. If played in the right spirit, this festival of colour can uplift our mood and make us enjoy the life around us. When do you plan to visit India, please do inform me?

More when we meet.

Yours lovingly,


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