Letter to a Friend Describing a Visit to a Hill Station

Letter to a Friend Describing a Visit to a Hill Station

Letter to a friend describing a visit to a hill station: Basically, this is a sample letter to a friend describing a visit to a hill station.

15 Shastri Nagar,


September 27, 2022

My dear Jeetu

As you are aware, I had not been enjoying good health for some time. Therefore, my father thought, and our family doctor also advised, that a stay in the hills for about two months was necessary for my health. So, as soon as my examinations were over, I came to Shimla to stay with my uncle here. My mother is also here with me. I feel much better here than in Delhi and feel much refreshed and full of energy. I am enjoying my stay in the hills and breathing the fresh, invigorating mountain breeze.

There are not many hotels here. I am lucky to stay with my uncle especially as his house is situated very near to Mall Road which gives a splendid hill view. I have already climbed to the top of Jaku Hills near the Hanuman temple. Not only that, but I have also visited Kufri, a place famous for skiing.

I am now used to strolling along the mall in the evening and taking horse rides also. I have visited many nearby scenic places and enjoyed climbing various small hills. Shimla is indeed a beautiful hill station. I am having a pretty good time and enjoying my stay in this beautiful valley. Write to me about you and about your program after graduation.

With fond memories and love

Your loving friend


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