Application for Lost Library Card

Application for lost library card and to issue duplicate card

Application for Lost Library Card: This is a sample letter for an application letter to the librarian for a lost library card and the issuance of a duplicate one.


The Librarian

(Name of the School) (Address)


Subject: For issuing a duplicate certificate


I am sorry to inform you that yesterday I lost my library card while returning home from school. I report this loss to you immediately after the incident happened. Because anyone can misuse this card. The lost card was in the name of Jubin Rayan, class-viii, sec- A, Roll No-2 () your name, class, roll no).

Therefore, I request you to issue a duplicate card at your earliest convenience and oblige me thereby.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Your name

Class-viii Sec-A Roll No2


  1. What is a library card?

A Library card is issued to students or readers of an institution/ a college or a library.

2. Why is it given to the readers?

It is given to the readers to issue a book which a reader can get for reading at his/her home or in that library.

3. Is it chargeable?

It depends on the authority of the institution or library.

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